A Plan of Support requires a commitment from everyone involved to assist the individual as he/she endeavors to achieve his/her vision of the future.

The development of each individual’s plan focuses on strengths and the individual’s images of the future. Utilizing a facilitator, this planning process requires a commitment from each member of a person’s circle of support to listen, believe, and do. Using a variety of techniques, those things that the team determines are highly desirable, strongly preferred, and non-negotiable, are identified. If this planning process is to prove effective in assisting individuals in creating the futures they desire, the resulting plans should:

  • be what the person wants;
  • have the contributions of a committed group of people;
  • use creativity to build supports;
  • be flexible;
  • have high expectations; and
  • have supports built around the person rather than have the person placed in a "slot".



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